Key Factors to look out for in a Point of Sales software

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Key Factors to look out for in a Point of Sales software

It doesn’t matter how small and big your business is. You need a quality point of sales software to succeed in the market. In a world where iPad POS and a sound inventory management system are considered staple for retail businesses, you must strive to choose the best retail POS system available.

To ensure this, here are the factors you must consider when selecting among the many points of sales software in Canada and other countries.


Your business requirement may be different from others. For instance, if customers of a given business are known to pay only via credit cards, you would need a credit card reader and a point of sale terminal system that is compatible with a wireless chip & swipe card reader. Similarly, if your employees work with iPads, you need a system which is compatible with the device. Therefore, the first thing you should consider is what features you need in your inventory management and POS system.

Different POS systems will be better at different things. There is no such thing as a universally best POS system. You must know your required features for you to select the best option for you.

Hardware compatibility and cost of setup

There are various types of hardware that your POS system needs to be compatible with. Let’s say you invested in the best credit card reader for iPhone- Android. However, the software you selected is not compatible with your mobile credit card reader. Now, either you have to change your hardware or your software. Therefore, you must ensure prior to choosing a software whether or not it is compatible with your hardware.

While you are at it, also consider the cost of setting up the solution. Set a budget for yourself that would tell you how much you can afford to spend on the POS solution. Consider both the software and hardware expenses when selecting a system.


Make sure that the POS solution you select is usable by your employees. You can choose the best option available, but if it is too complicated for your employees, it won’t be fruitful. Instead, you would have to spend considerable time training your employees on how to use it. Therefore, ensure that the POS system you select is easy to understand and operate.


Shopify manages to be a great option in terms of usability, compatibility, and cost. Give it a try to see if it suits your needs.

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