Everything You Need To Know About Shopify POS

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Everything You Need To Know About Shopify POS

What is Shopify POS?

Shopify POS is an iOS and Android based application from Shopify. Retailers can use Shopify’s point of sale service for transactions in a physical store and online as well. From finding products to process orders, it enables you to operate your business from anywhere.

Other than that, Shopify POS allows you to take payments, swipe credit cards, generate receipts, and manage it all from your iPad, iPhone or Android device. Moreover, a feature that makes Shopify as one of the best point of sales software is its backend management. Shopify enables you to do everything, from managing your customer details, to Shopify account and product inventory via Shopify admin.

How to get started with Shopify POS?

Start with Installing the app. If you already own a Shopify account, you just need to log in using your credentials. The app will load products details of your store. However, if you don’t have an account yet, use Shopify 14-day free trial and launch your store directly using app.

In case, you have a physical store and don’t aim for online selling, you still need a Shopify store because it’s the backend of your Shopify POS system. Conversely, if you have a Shopify online store, it will automatically sync with Shopify POS. Thus, it allows you to manage whole business with unified dashboard.

How Shopify Works?

Shopify works with number of retail hardware like cash drawer, receipt printer, iPad stand, and scanner. However, these are not essential for processing sales. The only items that are necessary for it are iPhone, Shopify POS app, Shopify store, and list of products.

Pricing of Shopify POS

All plans of Shopify begin at $9/month, with access to Shopify POS. While some comes with basic limited features, others are pretty much advanced. However, to use advanced features, you need to be on Shopify plan or advanced Shopify plan.

Shopify and Accepting Payments

Being one of the best point-of-sales software in Canada, it accepts various methods of payment. If you are located in Canada or US, Shopify users can swipe credit cards using your phone. Apart from it, you can even accept contactless payments and credit card using wireless Chip and Swipe card reader.

To whom Shopify suits better?

Shopify suits better for those who wish for an intuitive design and thorough customer service. It works ideal for small businesses who expects a user-friendly app and which doesn’t require you an expertise to setup and use. It employs comprehensive reports and analytics. Owing to this, you can make data-driven decisions for your venture.

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