Credit Card Readers to Buy in 2019

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Credit Card Readers to Buy in 2019

Planning on starting your own business? You soon realize that only limited people carry cash nowadays. Furthermore, dealing with checks is quite a hassle. You’ll be needing a credit card reader in order to keep a check on the purchases and payments.

This article will discuss and list down the best credit card readers to purchase in 2019.

  1. Credit Card Reader by Shopify

 This is a powerful and pocket-sized credit card reader by Shopify that supports wireless payments through MasterCard, Visa, American Express & Discover. You can use it easily by swiping or dipping the chip. It consists of certified EMV technology and an industry leading encryption. You can sync it easily with Shopify and can add process, products and inventory with the POS system of Shopify. Furthermore, in case of any query, they assist their customers 24/7 via call, email and live chat sessions. Interestingly, if the battery is fully charged, you can make 700 swipe or 400 chip transactions.

Moreover, you can pair it easily with Apple phones or Android by using Bluetooth low energy. Not only this, you are also provided with a USB cable as well as a durable travel case.

  1. Osayde Credit Card Reader

This is a machine that allows you to write, read and erase magnetic stripe tracks. It enables you to accept debit and credit card payments as well as allows you to create employee ID badges and gift cards. You can purchase this machine from Amazon, at a price of $110. Three tracks of data can be verified simultaneously through this machine. Furthermore, this reader comes with a power adapter which is easy to use and 20 blank cards (free).

  1. Verifone VX520

This machine is more than just a card reader for you. It has an ergonomic design and can manage decryption, encryption, high-speeds and processing. It is a machine that is unique and powerful. You can keep a neat work space with its cable management system and in case you need extra mobility, this machine can be battery-powered.

  1. MagTek Credit Card Reader

This credit card reader is a heavy-duty machine that offers longevity. The card reader is durable and consists of bi-directional card reading. Furthermore, you can also check the payment and transaction status with the LED lights present in the machine. You can purchase this machine from Amazon at a price of $45.

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